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We are frequently asked, why do you work in gender equality? Aren’t men and women more or less equal now, is there anything more to do?

Take a look at the data showing the scale and impact of gender inequality. And don’t just take our word for it, see what other organisations like Everyday Sexism, Men Engage, UN Women, CALM, and Fawcett are showing us about the society we live in.

Yes in the UK, we are close to attaining legal equality between men and women, but in a wider sense sexist attitudes and harmful behaviours persist. In May 2014, UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women Rashida Manjoo wrote an official report in the UK and concluded:

“Despite many positive developments, violence against women remains a pervasive challenge throughout the United Kingdom…More sustained work needs to be undertaken with the media to challenge its increasing over-sexualisation of young persons, particularly, of young women”

And, for men and women in developing countries and those living through conflict, the story is much worse. In no country in the world are women granted the same status, power, or freedom as men. And men are not exempt, for instance worldwide, they still face a higher threat of violence from other men in their everyday lives. Until these statistics – and the lives of men and women – are more equal, The GREAT Initiative will continue its work to change the culture that underpins inequality.