MF in Liberia babyWith funding from GREAT The Liberia Women Media Action Committee (LIWOMAC) has transformed the lives of women in Liberia. The first and only radio station dedicated to promoting women’s issues in this country, they broadcast 12 hours a day, run outreach programmes in local communities, run onsite media and journalism training, and lobby on gender sensitive issues that normally go unmentioned in the mainstream media. In a country torn by the civil war, this scheme provides women with a much needed place to discuss their experiences and concerns; Liberia Women Democracy Radio is a unique forum for them to do so in safety and solidarity.

In 2014 Mariella returned to Liberia to see the progress that has been made on this project – you can read her account of this in her article. This clip also shows Mariella speaking to Lorraine Kelly about returning to Liberia and the experiences of the women there.

MF on Lorraine

We are so pleased at the successes that this project and others like it have produced. Indeed, one of the woman journalists trained by the programme coordinated a workshop with us at the Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict summit in London in 2014.