When women are trying to change opinions in their communities, it is often very difficult, as they are not given the platform or respect that they need and deserve to be effective. Working through partner organisation Videre, we developed a programme that trains women, who are already running advocacy campaigns in their communities, to use video recording and editing equipment, to create advocacy video’s to change the opinions and actions of their communities.

This project worked with a women’s organisation that has been advocating for an end to Female Genital Mutilation. The elders in their communities had been resistant to listening and change had been very slow. These women were trained in using video equipment and created their own advocacy video on the health problems of FGM.

The elders permitted a screening of the film, as they had never seen such footage before and were intrigued to watch it. The video was incredibly powerful, as it was filmed by and with community members and so the messages were relevant and effective. Some of the elders who watched the video asked for FGM to be banned in their communities.