Putting Gender At The Top Of The Corporate Agenda

      Rameez Kaleem, Director at 3R Strategy The new gender pay regulation that came into force yesterday is far from perfect but it will undoubtedly put gender equality and diversity at the top of the agenda for many organisations. 3R Strategy will be working with organisations to carry out equal pay audits to […]


Happy Endings – How do you solve a problem like toxic masculinity?

By David Ralfe, Great Men Volunteer “In stories, the image of a wedding, or at least the bringing together of a man or a woman in a state of loving union, is the most complete form of happy ending we know. Something deep within us recognises this image as the moment of supreme fulfilment, when […]


Should there be an International Men’s Day?

By Steve Bartholomew, Great Men Volunteer Raise a glass, Meninists of the Interweb! Felicitations and congratulations. For the answer to that much asked question, “Why isn’t there an International Men’s Day as well?” is with us. There is one, and it’s tomorrow: 19 November. Just as it is each year. Put it in the diary […]


Reasons to be Naked

By Steve Bartholomew, Great Men Volunteer  It seems the entertainment industry is finally accepting it can’t get away with dressing female characters in sexualised clothing for no reason.  But their solution is no improvement. Are you a legendary comic book artist developing a female protagonist / antagonist with an intriguing character, complex motives and satisfying […]


Introducing…..Ben Hurst

By Rebecca Collins We have a new member of staff! Please join us in welcoming Ben Hurst to the GREAT family. Find out more about Ben and what he’ll be up to below in our interview with the newbie. So, Ben, tell us about yourself!  Apparently this is supposed to be light hearted but I’m […]


VACANCY: Volunteer for our Great Men Project

            Join our community of over 100 men committed to gender equality… Do something positive to help boys and young men… Gain new skills and experiences and take on new challenges… Understand and start to tackle inequality in the world around you… …BECOME A GREAT MEN VOLUNTEER!   Now open […]


Sexism Bingo on an Olympic Scale

By Steve Bartholomew, Great Men Volunteer   Hooray, the Olympics are here!  And I say this un-ironically. I. Bloody. LOVE The Olympics….and the Paralympics possibly even more. The Corinthian spirit; the skill, talent and dedication on display; the lucky dip of random odd sport on the TV (handball followed by dressage? Of course!) and the […]


IMAGINE – Our Exciting New Project!

  We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been awarded a grant from the European Commission for a brand new project tackling sexual violence and sexual harassment in Europe. Due to begin in September, the IMAGINE (Inspiring Male Action on Gender Equality in Europe) project, is led by Swedish NGO Män för Jämställdhet (Men for Gender Equality) and […]


Be part of our Gender Equality Accelerator this Summer!

If you’re a young man aged between 16-20, and you’re interested in gender equality and social justice then apply to take part in the first ever Gender Equality Accelerator this August! It’s totally free and a unique way to gain wonderful new skills, make amazing friends and create solutions to some of society’s most pressing […]


How challenging masculine stereotypes could improve all our mental health

By Tessa Horvath   Stereotypes that teach men and boys that showing emotion is unmanly must be challenged if both women and men are to be free from the harms they give rise to. Each year, thousands of men take their own lives, many of them suffering in silence rather than talking about their problems. […]



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