Home Based Business Ideas That Are Easy To Start

Contrary to popular belief, it’s a real and very viable option to earn a good full time wage whilst working from home. Just imagine what ditching your current 9-5 job and being able to choose working hours that suit you and your family would mean…no more lengthy commute, no more expensive child care fees and the chance to do something you love whilst getting paid for it. Advances in technology and the Internet have opened up opportunities we could only dream of before, and it is now possible to operate a successful business from the comfort of your own home. The exponential rise in popularity of Internet shopping and a 24/7 business mentality means that there is no reason why you can’t operate a global empire from your front room.

Here are some of the best homeworking jobs for 2014 – what’s stopping you?

1. Home Bakery

People have probably been telling you for years that you could earn good money selling your sweet treats, but you just dismissed it as a pipe dream. However, starting a home-based bakery could be your ticket out of the rat race and into the job of your dreams. You can sell home baked goods almost anywhere – from local markets and fairs to big businesses via the Internet. It’s relatively low cost to set up a home based bakery, for a small bakery business you could just use the equipment you already have in your kitchen, but you will need to be regularly inspected to make sure your kitchen is clean and sanitary. Probably the most essential item of equipment will be a good supply of  which will help to protect your clothes from dirt and bacteria and can be thrown away or washed regularly after use.

2. Virtual Assistant

An increasing number of companies are realising the value in employing staff on a virtual basis: Very few overheads, flexibility and cost effectiveness to name just a few benefits. This has created a huge number of opportunities for people who love office work, but can’t (or just don’t want to) commit to long hours away from home or a lengthy commute. There are a number of sites you can register on, such as People Per Hour or Odesk, where freelancers can search and ‘bid’ for projects across a range of different business sectors.

However, be warned – Competition for the best projects is fierce and you’ll probably be up against people offering incredibly low rates. Combat this by offering specialist skills and targeting small business owners and start-ups that will be just as interested in quality over cheap rates.

Pet Carer

To care for someone else’s pet carries as much responsibility as caring for their child, and as such setting up a business doing this should be taken very seriously. Whilst no specialist qualifications are required, you should have a natural affinity with animals, be responsible and able to cope in stressful and challenging situations. Pet sitting and home boarding is usually a natural progression from dog walking, so if you are thinking of starting a pet caring business but are not sure whether you could manage it full time it’s a good idea to start slowly, offering to walk a few friends or neighbours dogs for them when they are unable to.

Social Media Consultant

Social media is very quickly becoming a vital part of most businesses marketing strategy, and with most of those businesses requiring someone to help them understand how to best utilise special media and reach key influencers, there has never been a better time to set up a social media consulting business. If you’re a social media specialist and enjoy helping companies find their unique voice and appeal to their specific demographic, then you have the potential to create a very successful business perfect for the digital age.

Mobile App Designer
If you’re a young, ambitious, tech savvy entrepreneur who is looking for a slice of the lucrative mobile apps pie, you might want to consider some of the following advice before setting up your mobile app design business: Since the development of the iPhone in 2007 and the resultant boom in smart phones the app industry has become much like the music charts; very difficult to break into and only a few will succeed. However, for those that make it, the rewards are plentiful.You will need to be armed with several fantastic ‘app’ ideas, and know your market. You don’t need to be an expert developer, but a solid digital knowledge and an aptitude for programming will stand you in good stead.


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