Executive Director

Rebecca is responsible for the day-to-day running of GREAT. Her role includes overseeing projects, promoting our work, stakeholder engagement, and financial and strategic planning.

“In my school yearbook I was voted “most likely to campaign for womankind” – a prophesy that might tell you something about me as an outspoken young advocate for women’s rights. Growing up I was perplexed by why the way women were viewed in society was so at odds with what I knew to be true from the women around me. Since this realisation that things needed to change I have tried to shake off gender expectations – playing rugby and establishing a strong hatred of cooking (as can be attested to by my poor colleagues who have are forced to sample my “baking”) – and vowed to pursue the gender equality fight in my work and private life”

Rebecca in three words by her colleagues: Effervescent, Remarkable, Unwavering

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Great Men Project Manager

David is responsible for managing the Great Men project. He recruits, trains and mentors all the volunteers for the project and matches them up to schools for them to deliver workshops. He gets schools on board, develops the workshop delivery and content, and promotes the project externally at meetings and events. David is also a strong advocate for working with men/boys and helps build the capacity of other organisations to do this effectively.

“I work at GREAT simply because I want to help improve gender equality in the UK. I was attracted to the Great Men project as it engaged men as agents of change in the struggle for equality. As a man I had found few organisations or openings that not only worked with men & boys, but also promoted men as the means of delivering that message; GREAT was therefore the ideal approach for me. I’m also a believer in the ability of small and grass roots organisations to facilitate change, individuals driven by their own sense of justice have an immense capacity to affect change, and this is something that GREAT enables in all our work”

David in three words by his colleagues: Iconoclastic, Devoted, Authentic

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ben-protraitBEN HURST

Project Coordinator (Europe & UK)

Ben is running the new IMAGINE project, working in conjunction with partners in the Netherlands and Sweden. With David he also coordinates Great Men workshops and other our wider schools projects across the UK.

“I realise that this will make me sound like an unreliable politician, but I honestly work at GREAT because I care about justice and equality. I think that, like most people, I was raised on the principles of treating people how you would want to be treated and sticking up for people who are picked on, but I also think that becoming more aware of the inequality in the world only leaves you with two options – being a bystander or affecting change. I actually started at GREAT volunteering for the Great Men project in an attempt to actively challenge what was clearly an issue to me and I feel like tackling gender inequality is one of the most worthwhile things I can do.”

Ben in three words by his colleagues: …

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Great Men Project Manager

Nick is responsible for looking after the Great Men project whilst David is on sabbatical until July 2017. Whilst looking after our training and Comic Relief schools Nick is also putting together our exciting new workshops on Mental Health and Porn.

 “I’ve been a Great Men volunteer for over a year now, and still consider myself a volunteer at heart. I’ve followed the project since it started in 2013 and knew instantly it was the perfect way that I could contribute to gender equality in a sensible, fun and pragmatic way. The realisation as I got older that sexual assault, along with relentless catcalling and abuse from men, were things that all women experienced was shocking. The further realisation that these experiences were not unfortunate, rare, occurrences but day to day expectations of what it means to be a woman in our society prompted me to act and to become a volunteer. In retrospect my awareness was decades too late and this is why our work with boys is so important – so that the next generation of men can take an active role in promoting gender equality.”

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